Jaco Stoltz has strong values and believes in mutual respect. He lives by his values and integrity and has proved to be successful as a young dynamic professional within the industry. 

He is a registered Professional Town and Regional Planner Pr. Pln. A2346/2016 with SACPLAN (South African Council for Planners), holds a degree in Town and Regional Planning at the North West University, as well as a corporate member with SAPI (South African Planning Institute). 


Already at School and University his natural leadership abilities became obvious. He was on the hostel as well as the school student council in his matric year. In his final year at NWU he was elected as a Student Representative on the Faculty Board. 

While studying, he joined Plan Associates Town and Regional Planners Inc in his second year where the main aim was to gain experience in the field while completing his studies. After obtaining his degree, he joined the same firm to start as a candidate town planner for his two year Training programme as prescribed by SACPLAN. Jaco completed his training programme and registered as a Professional Town Planner in 2016

Jaco joined Origin Town Planning Group in 2017 as a Senior Professional Planner where he was part of several major development projects within the Pretoria region.

Jaco believes his good working relationship with colleagues as well as officials from all sectors plays a huge role in the success of any multidisciplinary Institution and in the Built Environment. 

Career objectives

Investing his formal qualifications plus proven experience within a multidisciplinary/consulting firm that strives towards a sustainable built environment.

Accepting the challenge of analytical problem solving and finding creative solutions as a positive contributing team member in planning, development and coordination of an integrated sustainable environment.  

Utilizing his ability to lead and motivate a multi-disciplinary project team, communicate at all levels and within all culture groups to the benefit of profit enhancement and efficient project time lines for clients.


Land Use Applications (Township Establishment, Rezoning, Subdivision, Consolidation, Division of Land, Consent use, Permission and Removal of Restrictions)

Project Coordination and management

Industrial, Residential and Commercial development

Development Evaluation

Planning- and Development Policies

Development Facilitation